Friday, March 7, 2008

Introducing the CMAJ Blog

The CMAJ Blog provides immediate impressions from the front lines of medicine. We begin with blogger Dr. Peter Sherk, a critical care physician from Victoria, British Columbia, who is on his second deployment at the Kandahar, Afghanistan, Multinational Medical Unit. Dr. Sherk will be blogging about 3 times per week beginning March 17, 2008 and ending around April 10, 2008. The opinions he expresses are entirely his own, and not necessarily those of the CMAJ or its publisher, the Canadian Medical Association. Please note that Dr. Sherk’s postings have been screened by ranking members of the Canadian Forces to ensure there is no violation of operational security. We welcome your comments on both Dr. Sherk’s postings, and on the CMAJ Blog in general. Enjoy!

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